The 50-year-old grandmother became her own son’s child’s surrogate mother

In these photos, a woman is expecting a child. We can think that it is a very ordinary photo.

But this woman was 50 years old and she was about to give birth to her grandson.

Patti lives in Texarkana, a town in Texas. She was carrying her own son’s baby, as her daughter-in-law was unable to do so due to health issues.

When the couple was looking for a surrogate mother, Patti always joked that instead of a foreign woman, they had to find a close one.

The spouses did not take these words seriously. But the attempt with a surrogate mother failed. Then Kaila remembered her mother-in-law’s words.

“I consulted several sources and found that there are many cases where grandmothers carry their sons’ babies,” Kaila said.

To help her son, Patti accepted the proposal of the spouses and after some examinations the doctors confirmed that the stepmother was capable of becoming a surrogate mother.

The first attempt at in vitro fertilization was not successful, but we decided to try again and the second time they got a good result.

The pregnancy went without any difficulties.

After seven months, on December 31, the grandmother gave birth to her grandson Cross Allen Jones.

Kaila said the birth of her child was truly a miracle and when she took the baby in her hands, she felt incredibly happy.

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