She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world and a conqueror of men’s hearts

Latvian women are rightly considered very attractive, and one of them, Victoria Wilde, has been proclaimed the best among her compatriots.

This woman considers herself so beautiful that those around her are starting to wonder if she understands the difference between beauty and ugliness. Victoria, in her thirties, is known both in her own country and abroad. She is renowned for her appearance, particularly for how she transformed it through a series of aesthetic surgeries

Victoria’s photo and story first appeared in major European publications, and since then, many people have started following her on social media, fascinated by a woman who resembles more of a doll than a human being.

Today, Victoria is convinced that she is the embodiment of feminine charm. She has a lot of confidence and courage. Despite her appearance being caricatured, she herself is confident in her success and even encourages men to leave their partners for her

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