Identical triplet sisters have become true beauties

Two decades ago, a woman from Iran believed she was expecting only one child during her pregnancy. However, at birth, the surprise was significant, as not one, but three babies were born.

The parents, initially shocked, were quickly filled with happiness by this unexpected addition, even though their expenses multiplied by three. Despite the difficulties, the girls were raised with love and care, each receiving as much affection as they needed, without ever being deprived of anything.

According to local traditions, the sisters were expected to marry and start their own families once they came of age. However, they chose a different path by moving to London to build a different life. Their parents supported this choice and helped them find a place to live.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz, those were the sisters’ names, harbored a strong desire to thrive in the fashion industry. Consequently, they decided to enroll in a suitable educational institution. Subsequently, they created a social media account where they shared their stylish outfits with their followers, gradually gaining popularity

It was through their blog that they were invited to participate in photo shoots and collaborate with different brands. However, it’s fair to acknowledge that it was primarily their uniqueness that earned them their fame, with their impeccable taste and distinctive style further contributing to making them even more famous.

Currently, the sisters have not rushed the idea of getting married, as they are passionate about their careers and their current lives, which they greatly appreciate.

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