The girl who looks like a doll is now 9 years old. What does she look like today?

This little girl has been exposed to fame from a very young age. At the age of two, she began to show a serious interest in modeling. Her parents decided that her doll-like appearance should be noticed by professionals and took her to a modeling agency.

The agency immediately saw in Ira the role of a little girl embodying the image of the famous doll.

Ira’s photos quickly spread across the Internet, and many people doubted that a little girl could resemble a doll to such an extent. Some claimed it was a hoax and that the photos had simply been retouched.

Over time, however, everyone came to realize that Ira was indeed real.

It cannot be said with certainty whether Ira was happy with what was happening to her because her destiny was decided by her parents. She did not attend kindergarten, did not play with other children her age; her time was entirely devoted to modeling agencies and photo shoots.

Ira was very famous; she was recognizable on the street, and people often asked to be photographed with her.

However, as she got older, her appearance changed. She no longer looked like a doll, and modeling agencies stopped inviting her to photo shoots and fashion shows. Her popularity began to decline.

From time to time, she is still invited as a model for certain projects, but it has become a particularly exceptional phenomenon.

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