Father left baby girl to remarry: Here’s how daughter acted when she found out

Believe it, it is a very common phenomenon with bad consequences, when parents, under the influence of the moment, without thinking about their obligations and responsibilities for a long time, let it go and leave.

As difficult as it is, it is very important not to lose the ability to forgive in life. It is very important to be able to forgive even your sworn enemies, because the negative energy that you accumulate in you hurts you first.

This girl’s story is too exciting, and it may sound unbelievable, but it’s absolutely true.

“My daughter is 11 years old. He has not seen his father for seven years. His father abandoned him when he was only two years old. All he cared about was how he could give up his parental rights so he wouldn’t have to pay us child support. I wanted to prevent my daughter from being too frustrated.

She knew very well who her father was and why he left us… When my daughter was four years old, we learned that my ex-husband had cancer. We agreed to meet him in the park. He stayed with us for 20 minutes, then we didn’t hear from him for an entire year.

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