You know him well: what does the boy who became famous thanks to “Kinder chocolate” look like today?

Probably everyone has come across his face, and it’s unlikely that there’s anyone who doesn’t love this chocolate bar. Now, this young man has reached adulthood and celebrated his 26th birthday in January, and his name is Josh Bateson.

Moreover, Josh has taken over from another iconic advertising figure – G. Euringer, who graced the packaging for three decades. He has now crossed the age of fifty and works as a film director.

Fifteen years ago, his mother had taken him to an audition. The boy had successfully passed the audition and became the new face of Kinder. Shortly after, he was recognized all around the world.

Currently, this young man runs his own blog on Instagram and has over 130 thousand followers, in addition to pursuing a career as a model.

After his school years, Josh graduated from an English university and is now an expert in international affairs and politics.

On his account, you can often find photos where he poses with the chocolate bar, showcasing his face. It’s precisely these pictures that his followers appreciate the most.

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