“Nearly 15 years of invisible suffering”: the world’s most beautiful woman, Bella Hadid, revealed herself after a 100-day treatment.

The runway and cover star put her career and public life on hold for four months. Bella has been battling the effects of Lyme disease, which she was diagnosed with in 2012. Last week, the model’s older sister, Gigi Hadid, announced her remission, and now the Victoria’s Secret “angel” has come forward to discuss her situation.

She revealed her current appearance. The muse of Hollywood makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury had a bandage on her arm due to intravenous treatments. She appeared without makeup, dressed in loose tracksuits. The former partner of The Weeknd appeared exhausted.

In one of the photos, Bella is seen during a medical consultation. The model is lying shirtless on a couch with sensors attached to her body. After the procedure, Hadid settled into a medical chair. She crossed her legs and smiled. The model appeared much brighter in the company of her pet, a dog named Petunia.

I tried to select the most positive images. Because no matter how painful the experience, the result turned out to be the most enlightening period of my life, filled with new friendships, fresh perspectives, and a renewed spirit,” shared Bella

The only thing I want to express to you is that I’m doing well, don’t worry, and I wouldn’t change anything in the world. If I had to relive this entire experience to achieve this result, to finally regain my health, I would. It has shaped the person I am,” affirmed Hadid.

According to Bella, she felt an improvement for the first time after years of suffering. “These more than 100 days of treatment for Lyme disease, chronic illness, and co-infections, nearly 15 years of invisible suffering – it was all worth it. If I can, with divine assistance, dedicate my life to spreading love and finally be myself for the first time in my life… My thanks to my brilliant doctor and her incredible team of nurses. I love you all so much! I will be back as soon as I feel ready. I miss you all so much,” added the model.


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