Enrique can’t measure up to him? To whom did Julio Iglesias pass on the beauty gene?”

“Julio Iglesias is a legend in the music industry. The audience adores the artist for his unique voice and his emotional repertoire. Yet, fans have always referred to the artist as a ‘Spanish heartthrob.’ He captured attention with his fiery temperament and striking appearance. It’s not surprising that the artist had many love affairs. In fact, the singer has nine children.”

Speaking of children, we can’t forget Enrique Iglesias. The singer continued his parents’ legacy and achieved great success. Enrique’s popularity has long surpassed that of his father. Fans consider Enrique a true heartthrob. However, not everyone shares this view. The singer’s son’s appearance is described as “not very manly.”

Julio Iglesias’ fans notice that the singer passed on his beauty gene to his younger son, Julio Iglesias Jr. The artist’s youngest son started as a model before working in journalism. However, everything fell into place when Julio Iglesias Jr. also turned to music. A legion of female fans quickly gathered. The singer is considered a genuine heartthrob. Many note that the younger son is an exact copy of his father.

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