Will Camilla Become The Queen After The Coronation?

The rumors about the royal family and the upcoming coronation of King Charles III are nowhere near quieting down. The highly debated topic right now is whether Camilla, the wife of King Charles III will remain the Queen Consort or become a legitimate Queen.

It’s not a secret for anyone that while Camilla might’ve been technically accepted by the public, she’s unlikely to be as loved and adored as Princess Diana was. After all, despite having married Charles after years of being his mistress, she remains “the other woman” in the eyes of the British public.

But there are rumors spreading around that after the coronation Camilla might change her title from “Queen Consort ” to “Queen”. Apparently, that’s something that King Charles has been working on for over a decade, convincing his late mother Queen Elizabeth II that this is what should happen and that Camilla deserves this title as his wife.



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