The man dug a tunnel every night in secret from his wife to go drink beer

An Irishman named Patsy loved his wife. But when the latter slept, the man left their bedroom and went somewhere.

His wife suffered from insomnia and in order to fall asleep soundly, she took sleeping pills and slept through the night. So the husband was going to dig a tunnel.

So, fifteen years in a row, Patsy dug an underground passage to achieve her goal. Sometimes the man did his day job too, when his wife went shopping or wherever.

He did this work using different tools: spoons, shovels and when his wife fell into a deep sleep, he even used power tools.

His destination was the bar where he could go for beer. During these works, he wasted all his energy.

After digging every day, he came back tired and fell asleep to go to work in the morning.

When he finally finished his hard work, Patsy went to the pub every night. He left at 11 p.m. and returned at midnight after having a glass of beer.

And his wife had no idea what her husband was doing. These nocturnal visits lasted five years.

Five years in a row, Patsy would go to the bar that was linked to her house by her underground passage.

The underpass, perhaps, would have served Patsy for many years, if her neighbor had not noticed.

He decided to change the sewer pipe and came across this underground gallery.

Patsy was arrested and in court told his incredible story.

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