Truth Behind the Photograph of a Horse Saving a Drowning Blind Dog

A heartwarming story circulated on social media about a horse named Agripin rescuing a blind puppy named Abby from drowning in the Danube River. However, it turns out that the story is entirely fictional.

The truth behind the viral image is that the horse is actually named Brenda Lee, and the dog is named Lucy. They are the best of friends and have a close bond. The photo was captured by equine photographer Jodie Sinclair, who witnessed the two friends enjoying a swim at the beach.

Lucy, the little dog, is not blind at all, and Brenda Lee, the horse, did not save her from drowning. Instead, they are playful companions who love spending time together. Lucy is described as a brave and independent little being by those who know her.

Despite the story being untrue, the genuine friendship between Brenda Lee and Lucy is heartwarming and has captured the hearts of many on social media. The Facebook page “Horses Know the Way Home,” run by Brian Sean Reid, showcases their adorable interactions and gatherings.

Brenda Lee and Lucy continue to charm and entertain their followers with their playful antics. Reid has shared a video of Brenda Lee riding Lucy around the fence in front of Tufts University, further showcasing their unique friendship and joyful moments together.

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