A mother dog that was abandoned in front of a shelter at 9 weeks pregnant gave birth to 14 adorable puppies!

On Christmas Eve 2022, a pregnant dog named Mam Nata was left in front of the Instituto Amor em Patas (IAPA) shelter. She was approximately 8 weeks pregnant and close to giving birth. When the IAPA team discovered her, she was in a frail state, unable to stand, and filled with fear. It took some time for them to soothe her and gain her trust. Sadly, her owner had abandoned her out of fear regarding the upcoming puppies.

Initially, Mam Nata was extremely protective and cautious around the shelter volunteers, expending all her energy to keep them away from her and protect her unborn pups. However, as time passed, she gradually let her guard down and became more sociable with the caring volunteers.

One of the volunteers shared their observations, stating that Mam Nata’s belly appeared to be carrying around 13 or 14 puppies. They planned to schedule a test for her the following day to ensure her well-being as she was quite weak.

The shelter arranged for an ultrasound to confirm that everything was progressing normally. Mam Nata was allowed to return to the shelter, where she received the necessary support for a safe delivery. And indeed, she successfully gave birth to a litter of 14 incredibly adorable puppies.

Mam Nata and her 14 puppies received a brief check-up, ultrasound, and blood tests at the vet’s clinic. Despite the challenging circumstances, Mam Nata showed resilience, and her puppies were healthy and well-nourished, weighing a good amount.

The fortunate discovery of the shelter by Mam Nata provided her with a safe and loving environment to give birth to her large litter. The sight of her huge belly emphasizes the immense fear and uncertainty she must have experienced when abandoned in an unfamiliar place.

We express gratitude that Mam Nata found a caring shelter that supported her throughout her journey. The arrival of 14 puppies is no small feat, and we hope that Mam Nata and each of her adorable little ones will find their forever homes and loving families to provide them with a lifetime of happiness.

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