Abandoned at the edge of a railway line, these two dogs waited a week for the return of their master

When Suzette Hall received a call to tell her two dogs had been seen thrown out of a car near a train track, she was heartbroken but not surprised by their story.

“It happens all the time, unfortunately,” said Suzette Hall, founder of Logan’s Legacy, whose main goal is to help pets abandoned by their owners. The shock only came when she got close enough to see that the two dogs were poodles and had clearly been used for breeding and herding by the person who parted with them.

No doubt the two dogs were very close to their master because they stayed in the exact same place for a week. “They just sat there. Abandoned dogs always think the person who dumped them will come back. They are so loyal,” said Suzette Hall. The rescue proved difficult, and the fact that the dogs were in an industrial area obviously didn’t help.

They kept hiding under buses and running along train tracks,” said Suzette Hall. Luckily for the two furballs, the dedicated rescuer wouldn’t give up on the dogs, and she stayed outside with a group of helpers for hours until they managed to trap them.

Since they were found together, the charity’s founder assumed the two dogs, whom she later named Major and Divine, were related. But as soon as they got to the vet, she and the clinic staff realized they weren’t. “They wanted nothing to do with each other,” she explained. Quite often, some dogs bond while they are together to survive, and then don’t need each other anymore. “Usually it’s because they’re related. It’s like real siblings,” said Suzette Hall.

Divine and Major were adopted by two separate families straight from the veterinary clinic, after their full recovery. Even though they are in different homes, Major and Divine’s new lives aren’t that different from each other. And for good reason, the two puppies each have a brother or a sister, and they were both able to keep their name. “They have both found the most amazing homes,” said their jumper, adding that what was most important was their fulfillment.

Moving, isn’t it?

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