This Artist Depicts Gigantic Cats

Russian artist Andrey Scherbak has posted several photos of giant cats online.

Following an interview, Bored Panda was able to discover the origin of the artist’s inspiration. In addition to being varied, his photos are impressive and show giant cats by his side.

Measuring more than three meters, some cats are larger than others. The Instagram account of the artist also called Petechka Odnobokov attracted many cat fans.

Living in Rostov-on-Don, he works remotely for a Moscow-based advertising agency as a creative director.

Passionate about animals, he explained: “I have two cats and a dog. I found the male cat called Pif in an animal shelter and the cat Panya on the street. You can see my Labrador in some pictures.”

The artist said: “This idea came about through a photo taken in a forest during a company retreat. My Instagram account only includes pictures of me with cats.”

According to the artist, his edited photos are found on Google. The creation time differs according to each shot. “Some photos are ready after an hour. However, I sometimes start all over again when it’s hard to put the cat down. The composition of each photo takes an average of 4 hours.

“During my free time, I read books in the park accompanied by my dog. To look for new ideas, I explore the countryside as well as the city during the weekend.

Due to his isolation, he experienced no change in his life after his project gained popularity. “Apart from my parents and my girlfriend, I rarely hang out with other people.”

Besides, he revealed that his incredible photos were made using VSCO for filters and Photoshop.

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