He Helps Family Of Ducks Cross The Road And Gets Hit By Car

In California, a father died after being hit by a car. The victim was helping ducks cross the road when the accident happened.

Thursday, May 18, a father of two children died after being hit by a car while helping a group of ducks cross the road, in California (United States). The incident took place around 8:14 p.m.

The victim, Casey Rivara, stopped at an intersection to help the animals cross the street safely, according to a press release from the Rocklin Police Department (RDP).

A teenage driver hit the man while he was standing in the roadway, authorities said. The father of the family was pronounced dead at the scene of the collision. The driver has not been arrested or charged. Note that an investigation has been opened.

Casey Rivara was ” bringing her children home ” when they saw ” a mother duck and her ducklings trying to cross a busy intersection ,” the deceased’s aunt wrote on the GoFundMe site.

According to him, Casey Rivara did not hesitate to get out of the vehicle to help them. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car after his good deed. An online kitty has been created to financially support the victim’s wife and children.

A 12-year-old boy who witnessed the crash told broadcaster KCRA-TV that local residents cheered the man on for his act of kindness before he was hit.

” Everyone was clapping because he was really nice ,” said the young man. On Friday, flowers and rubber duckies were laid at the scene of the accident.

” Casey was an amazing husband and father ,” a family member said. ” Even his last act in this world was a gesture of compassion .”

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