Florent Pagny makes a surprise announcement to his fans about his cancer and his career

Guest of the Télématin program on France 2, this morning, Florent Pagny gave reassuring news about his state of health. He even announces his return to the studio to start singing again.

In January 2022, singer Florent Pagny announced a sad reality, that of his illness, a cancerous lung tumor forcing him to put his career on hold in order to undergo heavy treatment.

Nearly sixteen months after this tragic revelation, the singer would seem to have regained the hair of the beast if we are to believe his own words. However, last April during the 8 p.m. news on France 2, he explained that a recurrence of his illness forced him to undergo new chemotherapy. He had confided “having been the con for four-five months” by neglecting his treatment with immunotherapy.

After this mea culpa, the second chemotherapy treatment would have paid off according to the singer. Guest of the Télématin program on France 2, this Thursday, May 25, Florent Pagny gave very reassuring news about his state of health: “ The chemo is behind me, so as soon as the chemicals go away, everything becomes more pleasant. ” .

Although he stresses that the treatment for his lung cancer “will last a long time” , this does not prevent him from seeing the near future under better auspices: “But I am lucky, the protocol works great every time. GOOD. Now I understand, I stop not taking it” .

Aged 61, Florent Pagny announces that he will “start to sing again” : “I’m going to go back to the studio, I’m going to work again, because it’s a muscle too” . For his remission, he plans to return to live in Patagonia, where his wife is from and where he has a property, while having to “manage to get the product” he needs.

“This immunotherapy is progressing so much that we should not deprive ourselves of it. For five months I abandoned him but hey, it’s over. Now I’m getting back on my feet” admits Florent Pagny, satisfied to have given his treatment another chance.

“Right now, it’s nice, it was heavy but it’s become more fun, but as we know it’s undulatory and that it will last a long time, we cross our fingers”, confides he with a lot of hope and lucidity.

A return to form for the singer who has planned to perform a summer festival tour at the end of June in around twenty cities such as Nîmes, Béziers, Nancy, Sion (Switzerland), Spa (Belgium) or even Ajaccio.

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