Big emotion in The Voice: Florent Pagny makes a surprise return to the show!

We know it: Florent Pagny is going through a difficult phase, he who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Suffice to say that we did not expect him on the set of The Voice last night, which he nevertheless did against all odds.

Last night was not just any night for all fans of The Voice: it was the semi-final and inevitably, a key stage for the famous telecrochet that we no longer present. To mark the occasion, the production and TF1 have decided to reserve a nice surprise for the candidates, the jury and the public itself with the return of Florent Pagny.

Back to sing… “sing”
Since the start of this season, the one who had been in a wheelchair for so long on the show was absent, and for good reason: he was found to have a tumor in his lungs (something he announced at the start of the season). last year), from which a long fight, punctuated by chemotherapy, had begun. “The chemo is behind me, I’m going to start singing again”, confirmed a few days ago in Télématin, on France 2. It was not the least to say it, since he landed by surprise on the set of The Voice, creating general surprise.

It is precisely in support of Florent Pagny, supposed to be absent once again from the TF1 show, that the remaining candidates in the competition performed “Chanter”, one of his greatest songs, last night. What was their surprise when they saw Pagny himself arrive on the set, lend them a hand.

A moment full of emotion on the part of the candidates, of course, but also of the members of the jury: wet eyes and gaping smiles were then immediately displayed on the faces of Vianney, Amel Bent or even the presenter Niko Aliagas.

This beautiful moment of television has, obviously, also been shared on the side of the viewers. On social networks, positive feedback from people visibly, too, moved multiplied during the evening. It looks like we’ve had a great TV moment!

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