A YouTuber builds an elevator to help his elderly cat get around

In New Zealand, a YouTuber has built an electric stairlift for his cat. Thanks to this device, the 20-year-old feline can access the outdoors more easily.

Liam Thompson is a Youtuber based in Auckland, New Zealand. The videographer is the proud owner of Frodo, an adorable twenty-year-old cat. Like its congeners, the feline loves to bask in the sun in its master’s garden.

To access the exteriors, the furball takes a staircase leading directly to the garden. But Frodo finds it more and more difficult to go up and down the steps. Faced with this situation, Liam Thompson decided to give him a little boost.

Indeed, he built him an electric stairlift to help him move more easily: “Despite his advanced age, Frodo still insists on limping down the stairs in order to settle in the sun” , he said. he explained in a video posted on his YouTube page.

The handyman tested his prototype by placing a stuffed animal in the cart. The device is equipped with rails and operated via a power button. And the least we can say is that the test went very well. Indeed, “no incident” was to be deplored.

Since then, Liam Thompson has secured the elevator before painting it blue. He also performed a series of tests with Frodo. From now on, the quadruped no longer needs to get tired, to the delight of its owner.

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