The dog remains crouched under a tree for several hours, calling for help

The dog named Jacquot crouched under a large maple tree for hours. He was stuck under a large fallen branch and couldn’t get out.

The poor animal uttered little barking cries calling for help.

Another dog, Fido, his friend, hovered around the tree, but couldn’t help him. Yet he did not leave him.

A passing man heard the dogs calling for help and approached the garden, but at first he saw nothing.

He was the village watchmaker. He started looking for them and luckily noticed the poor dog huddled under a tree branch.

By doing a few tasks, the man was able to lift the large fallen branch and free the dog.

Jacquot was lucky and unharmed.

The dogs expressed their gratitude as they happily ran around this man.

If he didn’t pass by, Jacquot would be lost. The man was happy too.

The owner of the animals did not know what happened with his dogs, but they do know their savior.

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