The dog called Voltige was more devoted than his owner could imagine: he saved her life

Dogs are known to be very devoted creatures. Their love and devotion are repeatedly proven by people.

A young girl called Aline Benoit is not in good health. She suffers from a serious heart condition.

She decides that a dog could help her put an end to her anxiety.

She adopts a charming puppy who is not only a service dog for her, but also something precious.

He is a very lively dog and Aline calls him Voltige. The animal is like a guardian angel for her.

While training to become a service dog, the girl notices that the dog is beginning to notice changes in his heartbeat.

He helps his human companion during his panic attacks. He carries groceries or picks up fallen objects.

Voltige also sits in front of his mistress and watches her carefully.

But something serious happened and Voltige saved Aline’s life.

Although the young woman was feeling well, the dog began to alert Aline that something was wrong.

The girl thought that the animal’s instinct foresaw misfortune and called an ambulance.

Before the ambulance arrived, she was in pain and barely conscious.

In the hospital, after various examinations, it turned out that his heart was going into atrial fibrillation.

Thanks to her dedicated and special dog, Aline remained alive and is undergoing medical treatment.

During her hospitalization, her four-legged friend does not leave her.

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