A homeless man got rich and now he gives work to those who live on the streets

Drew Goodall dreamed of becoming an actor from a young age.

From the age of 20, he was already familiar with the profession of actor. And so he managed to get not very significant roles in the films “About a Boy” and “Trick”. Involved in these films, Drew met Brad Pitt and Hugh Grant.

Everything seemed to be going well. The beginning of his career is completely successful. But suddenly, Drew found himself without a job and without money.

Drew was simply drowning in debt. He was even kicked out of the apartment – he had no money to pay the rent.

For a long time he was forced to live on the streets, trying to find at least food, experiencing the cold and not the most pleasant attitude of people.

He usually slept on boxes on the outskirts of the Academy of Theater Arts in London.

It was a difficult time, he was depressed and helpless. To earn a living, he offered passers-by a simple service: shoe shine. By doing so, he risked being punished for illegal activities.

After six months of putting away shoes, one of Drew’s clients told him that he could do his job not on the street, but at the headquarters of the company where he worked.

This moment became a turning point.

Drew finally got a job (and a paycheck), stopped wandering. Having accumulated a small initial capital, the man thought – why not start his own company that will provide services to large London companies.

He named his brainchild Sunshine Shoeshine.

Today, Drew Goodall’s business allows him to earn more than 250 thousand dollars a year. But he never forgets how his journey began.

This is why man spends much of the money he earns on charity.

But there is something else that sets this entrepreneur apart from thousands of others: he supports a policy of hiring people who are homeless and have special needs. About forty former vagabonds work in his company.

One, Alan Walton, 45, admits that before Drew took him in, he couldn’t find a job for 15 years.

The reason was serious health problems. Now Alan has gained faith in himself and self-confidence, which means that everything Drew Goodall does is not in vain.

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