It’s hard to believe but these babies are not just brothers but twins

After the birth of these twins, spouses Jade and Cade became known on social networks.

Babies Cole and Clay were born very healthy, but they didn’t look alike and we were never going to say they were brothers and more importantly, twins.

This happened because the spouses themselves were very different.

The twins’ dark-haired father is half-Jamaican, but the mother is British.

Babies are an exception. They not only have different complexions and hair, but also entirely diverse facial features.

Currently, the little ones are one and a half years old and amaze people when they learn that the boys are twins.

Parents adore their little ones and love them too.

Jade has created a page on the Internet and very often shares photos of her adorable little ones.

These posts go viral and several users follow them and write nice comments.

The parents of the special twins say that Cole and Clay not only look dissimilar, but also have different characters.

“Strangers still don’t believe my babies are twins. They think I’m telling jokes,” the doting mum says.

But the twins are not alone, they have an older brother. Cruz is like a kind of mixture.

This gorgeous boy also inherited traits from his father and mother.

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