A couple in England discovered a stash of rare coins under the kitchen floor

In 2019, in Ellerby, North Yorkshire, England, a couple decided to do some repair work.

The result was very amazing. Under the kitchen floor, the couple found a container covered in concrete and mud.

When the lucky couple opened the container, they were amazed. There were several gold coins in it that were created 400 years ago.

Their number was 260 and they were in circulation in the 17th century.

According to a very well-known expert, these gold coins were really a find, because she discovered a whole great period of history.

The gold coins, dated from 1610 to 1727, were created during the reigns of a few kings, from James I to George I.

Specialists have revealed that the treasure belonged to a very wealthy family, the Fernley-Maisters, who lived from the 16th to the 18th century.

They dealt with trade, importing and exporting coal, wood, minerals.

Spouses Sarah Maister and Joseph Fernley collected this money in 1700.

Joseph left this world in 1725 and his wife Sarah lived until 1745 and was 80 years old.

A representative for the auction house, Gregory Edmunds, explained that the Fernley-Maisters family probably did not

entrusted his treasure to the Bank of England, which at that time had already been founded.

Gregory Edmunds told the media that the couple who found the gold coins would auction them off for £250,000.

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