This young girl lifted her dress during the “Miss Italy” pageant and everyone was shocked

An incident took place in Italy, during the “Miss Italy 2018” pageant that shocked everyone.

Chiara Bordi, an eighteen-year-old beauty pageant contestant, surprised everyone who was present at this pageant and followed by media. The beauty was disabled and had only one leg.

At the age of 13, the girl fell from her bicycle, hitting a car. The girl has lost part of her left leg.

Chiara’s recovery was extremely difficult, especially psychologically.

The girl entered the competition after adapting to her new situation. She wanted to show that despite everything, life is beautiful.

Everyone was surprised at the abilities and willpower of the disabled girl. Chiara Bordi was awarded third place.

“My brief participation in a beauty pageant won me third place.

After a few days of work, I was able to achieve an unexpected result. I’m delighted,” Bordi told reporters.

But unfortunately, the 18-year-old girl has been criticized for a long time.

Although the girl is handicapped, she is incredibly pretty and worthy of her price.

But some people thought she went this far because the jury had sympathy for her because of her disability.

Chiara responded to these malicious comments: “I don’t have legs and you don’t have heart or intellect.

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