By surprise, he asks his little brother with trisomy 21 to be his wedding best man

Will Claussen is getting married. He wishes to have his brother with Down syndrome to accompany him and be his best man at his wedding. Will’s request is adorable, not to mention his brother’s reaction that moves us all.

Will and Henry Claussen are two very close brothers. They live in Minnesota in the United States. They have been inseparable since Will understood the first words of Henry, his little brother with Down syndrome . There is a very strong connection between the two, they are very close.

A very touching witness request
Will proposed to his little brother using metal detecting, one of Henry’s passions: “He loves metal detecting, so I knew it was a no-brainer and he had no idea it was going to happen,” explains Will.

Henry and Will therefore begin to detect metals, Henry begins to dig until he finds a bottle. Intrigued, he opens it and discovers a note inside: “ Henry Joe, you are already the best brother and my best friend, so will you be my best man ? was written on the note. “ What?? Henry replied instantly looking very surprised. Will repeated his request out loud and his little brother jumped on him, delighted with the news, shouting a big ” YES “!

” He has the sweetest soul and never said a bad word about anyone, so it was a no-brainer for him to be my best man, ” Will said.

An absolutely very touching scene between two brothers who are very loving towards each other.

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