Man Found Abandoned Dogs Dying Of Starvation On Island And Called For Help

Domestic animals cannot survive without humans. They need their protection, food, land to live on.

A man called Stéphan likes to go fishing with his small boat, in the open sea, not far from the shore.

A little far from his places to fish, he saw an islet rising from the sea.

And once, out of curiosity, Stephan decided to go. He approached to the edge of the small island, and as he got out of the canoe, he heard noises coming from the middle of the islet.

He wanted to know the cause of these noises in such a place where there were only stones and sand.

Suddenly he noticed a dog, then the second, then the third and a few others too.

Probably the owners of his animals wanted to get rid of them and took them there to abandon.

These miserable beings were extremely thin and exhausted.

Stéphan thought that the dogs were going to starve and that they had to be saved as soon as possible.

But the man did not decide to approach the hungry dogs.

He quickly got back into his boat and started rowing.

In a few hours, a rescue team arrived in the islet picking up the poor dogs.

As soon as they arrived in the city, the team took them to a veterinarian.

The dogs were saved thanks to Stephan, otherwise they would starve.

They have been housed in a shelter and if they are lucky they will be adopted.

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