The woman adopted a boy and a girl a year apart but the children were brother and sister

Katie Page lived in Alabama. The thirty-year-old woman has had a difficult time in her life.

She was divorced and felt dissatisfied. Katie decided to drastically change her life and set out to find a new life.

The woman quit her job and moved to Denver, a city in Colorado.

Katie has found a new job. It was a center for orphaned children whose parents left them.

At first, this work seemed difficult to her, but over time, she began to like it and devoted herself entirely to her new activity.

Then, Katie decided to adopt a child. And the brave woman chose a boy. The child was only a few days old when his mother left him taking him to the orphanage.

The Grayso boy filled his life with joy and hope. Within a year, Katie adopted a second child, this time a girl.

When the woman took the girl home, she found a bracelet on her arm similar to the one worn by her adopted son.

So, she started taking an interest in the children’s stories and revealed that they had the same biological mother who left them and no longer cared about their fates.

But there is a saying about a happy ending: “All’s well that ends well”.

Katie now has two children who are true siblings and are surrounded by their mom’s boundless love.

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