A Newborn Baby’s Reaction Will Warm Your Heart: What A Joy

This film is a beautiful further illustration of the emotions that unique music can evoke in people.

Ellie May is the name of this young Elmo enthusiast. Her emotional response to beloved children’s TV

The ‘Elmo’ show was filmed by his father, who challenged viewers not to laugh. Watch the video below.

Since its publication in November 2017, the video has been viewed 8 million times.

Joe Hisel, who is now known as “Elmo Girl,” added the following caption to the hugely popular video:

“The emotion that ran through my body and the expression on his face reflected. I had no idea life could be so full.

Oh, how boring! Little Ellie May loves Elmo like crazy. I appreciate your presence. You help take care of us. We don’t take you for granted. Good luck to you all.

Similar to Ellie, the video stirred up a lot of emotion among viewers, resulting in some truly emotional remarks. It just demonstrates how joy spreads like wildfire:

I shared this with my 92 year old mother, who has dementia, and she smiled and laughed and smiled and laughed.

Commentator 2: “I am an elderly, crippled and badly injured sailor who wanted anything to make my day better. I adore you so much, my little baby. What a blessing!

Visit her dad’s YouTube account and subscribe for more great stuff to see the young Elmo fan’s latest movies.

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