This dog was looking for help alone in the bushes on a country road and he got lucky

Mireille was driving her car on a small country road. Suddenly, on her way, she noticed something moving in the bushes by the side of the path.

She got out of the car and rushed to the thorny grasses. It was an injured dog limping in the bushes.

His legs were completely injured. The animal understood that the moment of its rescue had arrived and despite its injuries, it jumped to meet the woman.

Mireille thought he was a good, friendly dog ​​and without fear decided to take him to a vet.

The dog also understood that it was his only chance to survive. The poor thing was exhausted and hungry. He devoured the biscuits that Mireille gave him.

Arriving in the countryside, the woman found the vet who examined the animal’s legs.

The dog had a fracture on one leg and on the other there were injuries which had worsened because the accident had happened several days ago.

The veterinarian thanked the woman for her help and called the volunteers from the animal welfare association because emergency surgery was needed.

The operation gave good results and the good pooch was recovering day by day.

We put him in a shelter and the shelter staff did everything to get the dog to recover as quickly as possible.

We named it Trouvaille. And after a while, Trouvaille was fine and started walking again.

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