Marseille: passers-by rescued police officers stuck in an overturned car

Following a traffic accident between a tram and a police car in Marseille, a dozen young people mobilized to help the police and put the vehicle back on its wheels.

Monday, April 11, in the afternoon, a traffic accident took place in Marseille, in the 5th arrondissement. Police officers , called in for reinforcement on an intervention, were driving at high speed in the city with the flashing light on, when they hit a tram.

“The police had activated the flashing light but the tram had not seen them. Arriving at the intersection, the police tried to dodge it but it was too late… The tram hit the car in the back and it lay on the ground,” explained a witness interviewed by Actu Marseille.

Thus, the police car flipped over and rolled over onto its side, leaving the officers trapped inside.

To help them, a dozen young people mobilized and managed to put the vehicle back on its wheels, before getting the police out of the vehicle to make sure they were unharmed. The latter were taken to hospital in Marseille , but no injuries were reported.

This scene was filmed and shared on social networks. This gesture of solidarity and mutual aid caused a lot of reaction and received many congratulations from Internet users.

“A great lesson in civics! Thank you to the passers-by who came to help the municipal police of Marseille. It’s a great action, it shows that the police are not hated as some politicians or some people want to believe. There, we have a demonstration of what good citizenship should be, ” commented Matthieu Valet, spokesperson for the union of police commissioners.

This video is a great proof of mutual aid which remains rare in the city. On Sunday, another video was published, where you could see Marseillais attacking police officers by throwing concrete paving stones at their car.

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