The girl finds a kitten and brings it home: according to specialists it is a wild cat

This story happened in Argentina, in the city of Santa Rosa de Liles.

A young girl named Florence went fishing with her younger brother. Suddenly they heard plaintive cries.

When they approached, they saw a dead cat and two crying kittens in the bushes. The children took them home, but one of the kittens died right away.

Florence bathed, groomed and fed the orphan kitten. She named him Tito. He was a very active cat.

He ate well and exceptionally good food.

The family owned a farm and the kitten only ate meat and took milk.

And Tito began to gain weight and was getting very strong. But it was very amazing that the little animal started to jump harder and harder and farther.

Tito adored his saviour. He loved jumping into Florence’s arms, pressing himself against her chest with a feline purr.

And who can imagine that the nice girl has tamed a wild beast?

After some time, Tito injured himself while jumping. The girl took her kitten to the vet.

But the doctor noticed something suspicious and demanded a fivefold fee.

Florence took the kitten to college and her pals said Tito was a jaguar.

So Florence, very worried, contacted the Argentine Animal Rescue Fund. Specialists have proven that it was a cat, but a wild cat. His leg had to be treated and returned to nature.

It was really difficult for the young girl to part with her adorable animal. But she thought Tito could be happier in nature.

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