This couple takes their cat to be euthanized… for the most ridiculous of reasons

Several months ago, an American veterinarian saved a cat from euthanasia in extremis. Today, the animal lives happy days with its new masters.

At the end of December, a surreal scene occurred in a veterinary clinic in New York: a couple requested the euthanasia of their 13-year-old female cat . The reason ? Lulu, the ball of fur, no longer used her litter box and relieved herself anywhere.

Faced with this situation, the veterinarian did not hesitate to help the poor animal. To do this, he suggested that the owners entrust the feline to the Dutchess County SPCA, an animal shelter located in Haviland. On the spot, Lulu underwent a battery of examinations to discover the origin of her health problems:

” The reason she didn’t use the litter box was that she had urinary stones – a common disease in cats, especially of her breed – and the problem was solved with a simple change of regime “, explains the director of the establishment.

Before adding: “ Since she has been here, she has had no problems with the litter box ”.

After being treated by the association, Lulu received a certificate of good health before being offered for adoption. For its part, the SPCA relayed the story of the cat in the media.

Luckily, an article published in People magazine allowed the quadruped to find a loving home: “I heard about Lulu thanks to an article published in People magazine. Her beautiful blue eyes caught my attention. Her story broke my heart and I decided to adopt her ,” the new pet owner said .

Fortunately, the tomcat quickly adapted to his new environment: “ Lulu is full of spirit. She wanders around the house (…) She likes to sit by the window. She has a very sweet little meow, she will soon become the queen of the house ”.

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