Paparazzi filmed what 53-year-old Lopez looks like in a bodysuit without Photoshop

Jennifer Lopez is already 53 years old, but the artist continues to publish bold photo shoots on her personal Instagram account. In these photos, the star appears flawless. It’s no secret that Lopez trains regularly, but many are still of the opinion that the photos have undergone significant editing.

The light of truth was shed by the paparazzi, who captured the singer during her vacation. The singer was wearing a bright yellow costume and a headscarf. Fans noticed that the singer has a small belly in her life. The thighs also look quite massive.

“An ordinary woman, nothing special”, “Everyone changes over the years”, “Everyone would look like this, she’s gorgeous”, “You can only envy her figure”, “Gorgeous”, fans comment. “Sit in such a position and almost everyone will have wrinkles,” “Why bother, it’s clear that everything is tight, he’s taking care of himself,”

“Well done.” Do you like the way Jennifer Lopez looks?

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