The deceased officer’s friend took his daughter to the kindergarten for the first time

In the United States, the daughter of a deceased police officer was escorted by a colleague of her father when she returned to school. A moving scene captured on video.

It’s no secret that back to school can be stressful for a child. This milestone day can also be difficult for school children who have lost a parent.

It is for this reason that the police department of La Vergne (Tennessee, United States ) has reserved a nice surprise for Anna Stolinsky, a little girl who recently lost her police dad.

The little girl welcomed by a guard of honor
Indeed, the agents accompanied the little girl on the day of her return to kindergarten so that she did not feel alone. The latter was also welcomed by a guard of honor formed by members of the police.

Luckily, this moving scene was filmed. In the images, we see the schoolgirl, dressed in her solar uniform, greeting the police who have come to wish her good luck. After this warm welcome, Anna went to her classroom with an officer.

Anna’s father, the late Lt. Kevin Jay Stolinsky, lost his life in November 2021. At his funeral, La Vergne Police Chief Chip Davis remembered him as a “kind person , gentle, honest”.

During his last service, Kevin was visiting the families of deceased officers: ” He supported and encouraged the families of police officers ,” David Stolinsky, Kevin’s brother, told local media.

One thing is certain: supporting Anna on her first day of school was a great way for Kevin’s colleagues to honor her memory.

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