He finally meets his biological mother after 58 years of separation

After losing his adoptive parents, a 58-year-old man decided to do research to find his birth mother. A moving reunion took place with all his family.

Timothy Welch is a man who was placed for adoption at birth, after his birth mother went to a mother and child home in the 1960s. When he was just six weeks old, he was estranged from his mother June Mary Phelps, who was only 18 at the time.

Timothy grew up with his adoptive parents in London, became a teacher and had a very happy life. It was only after the death of his adoptive parents in 2020 that he decided to find his biological mother.

“When my adoptive parents died, I felt the world differently. A counselor told me that after the death of their adoptive parents, some people often become curious about their own heritage, we are all looking for a connection. As an adopted child, you always think about researching your biological family, but whether or not you act on it is another matter. I wondered about my identity over the years, I wondered who I was, I noticed that I had certain personality traits that were different from those of my adoptive family,” Timothy explained .

He met his biological mother at 58
The 50-year-old began searching for his biological mother in January 2022. He found old family photos, including one from his birthplace. With the name of the place, he discovered a closed Facebook group devoted to the children who were born there. Asking to join him, he had to answer questions about his personal history.

Timothy then requested a copy of his birth certificate, which contained his biological mother’s full name, date and place of birth. By transmitting this information to the person who managed the Facebook group, he was able to find a trace of his biological family. Indeed, he had contact with his half-brothers, whom he met in London and who then introduced him to his mother, on September 19. A very moving reunion for the whole family.

“It was the first time I could see myself in my mother’s eyes ,” Timothy said. It was moving, but at the same time it was natural. We talked about various things, but what I enjoyed the most was watching her and understanding the person she is. »

Thanks to his research, Timothy has found his biological family: his brothers, with whom he is in contact, as well as his mother, whom he often visits. A beautiful story that proves that it is never too late to find your biological parents.

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