This two-year-old Labrador became an alcoholic because of his master, a rare and serious case

In England, a dog who developed an addiction to alcohol was rescued by a shelter after the death of his owner.

A first ! A British association has saved two dogs who have developed an addiction to alcohol. The rescue took place after the death of the owner of the animals.

As Insider reports, the hairballs were rescued by the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, a wild animal center based in Plymouth, Devon, South England .

Also according to the magazine, the doggies showed serious signs of withdrawal when they arrived at the shelter. One of the dogs, a two-year-old Labrador named Coco, was suffering from epileptic seizures.

The dogs were cared for in a severe summer
The quadrupeds were taken care of in serious condition. Unfortunately, one of the doggies died during his hospitalization.

For her part, Coco managed to get rid of her addiction after four weeks of sedation ” to relieve her symptoms and reduce the risk of new crises “, explains the association on its Facebook page.

According to The Telegraph, the dogs used to finish their owner’s bottle bottoms. The veterinarians, who treated the animals who had become alcoholics, affirm that they had never been confronted with this type of case.

Luckily, the Labrador no longer needs medication. He has regained ” normal dog behavior “, but still suffers from anxiety. At the moment, Coco is not yet ready to be adopted. Without the intervention of the shelter, he could have lost his life.

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