When the girl’s dress flew, the audience froze in surprise and one of the jury members fell on the table

In recent times, there are many shows where people showcase their talent in various fields. Dance and music projects are the most popular because singing and dancing never get boring. Through dance, people release their emotions and through songs, they lift their spirits. The shows in the framework present the people associated with their voice data which does not pass without brilliant and impressive participants.

Every season has its favorites In this video, you see the energetic performance of 37-year-old Christina Ramos that captivated everyone. Arriving at the talent show held in Spain, Christina first performed the aria “Cantante”. The audience and the members of the jury were pleased with the operatic voice of the girl.

However, no one understood that this was the start of the performance. At the most unexpected moment, Christina decided to take off the evening dress, replacing the classic image with the image of a rock singer. Christina performs the famous AC/DC song “Highway to Hell”. No one expects such a turn.

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