‘The God I Serve Didn’t Bring Me This Far To Leave Me,’ says Steve Harvey

Kelly Clarkson inadvertently revealed details about her upcoming daytime talk show on NBC Universal during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”. She confirmed that “The Kelly Clarkson Show” would debut in fall 2019, taking over the time slot previously held by Steve Harvey’s “Steve” program.

Steve Harvey, after learning of the change through the media, expressed his dissatisfaction with NBC Universal for not informing him directly. He felt it would have been respectful to discuss the matter with him, given his seven-year tenure as the sole daytime television host for the network. Steve shared his disappointment and said that he had no prior knowledge of the fate of his show.

In response, Steve Harvey revealed his contingency plan, hinting at an upcoming announcement. Although he expressed frustration with how the network handled the situation, he remained optimistic, stressing his belief in God’s plan and the potential for new opportunities.

This unexpected turn of events highlighted the competitive nature of the television industry and the challenges presenters face in adapting to changes to their programs. Steve Harvey expressed his resilience and willingness to embrace whatever new doors might open for him in the future.

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