The man moved to live in a cave: when you look inside you will be fascinated

Most people on Earth live in fairly comfortable conditions.

Thanks to the rapid development of technology in modern homes, you can find a wide variety of conveniences.

We have everything: electricity, water, comfortable furniture, the latest equipment and appliances designed to make our lives easier.

But it was not always so.

For most of the time humanity has existed, people have been forced to live in caves and huts, grow vegetables, fruits, and grains, and raise livestock for food.

Angelo Mastropietro from Worcestershire, UK, does not consider these living conditions to be completely bad.

After becoming a successful businessman in Australia, Angelo decided to drastically change his life.

So what did he do?

In general, the life changes brought him to… a cave.

In 2007, Angelo was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

He began to think about what he would do with his life.

10 years ago, he accidentally ended up in an ancient cave.

While on a bicycle trip, he was caught off guard by heavy rain, so Angelo rushed to find shelter.

Then he discovered this cave.

When he entered it, he immediately felt something magical.

According to the Daisy Mail newspaper, the age of this cave is 250 million years.

When the rain stopped, Angelo left the cave, but he knew he would definitely return.

He realized that the time had come when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Initially, the cave did not look very attractive from the outside, but with the help of huge works and a lot of money spent, the facade of the cave has changed significantly.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Wait until you see it from the inside…

In the end, for £62,000, Angelo bought the cave, which is now the oldest residential stone house in Europe.

And the project to convert the cave into housing lasted eight long months and cost the tidy sum of 100,000 pounds.

Since then, the “house in the cave” has been mentioned more than once in well-known newspapers, including the British Daisy Telegraph.

Thanks to a lot of work and a lot of money spent, Angelots Cave now has all the amenities that a luxury home should contain.

It has everything… from water supply to high speed internet.

I have to admit the decor of the rooms is great, don’t you agree?

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