Mother of triplets got pregnant again: When she saw ultrasound results she was surprised

New Orleans couple Garrett have been dreaming of babies since their wedding day. But fate did not give them the opportunity to become parents on their own.

However, the couple decided to get pregnant through artificial insemination, and thanks to this procedure, they managed to fulfill their dream.

It turned out that the couple was expecting triplets. Fortunately, the babies were born strong and healthy.

When the children grew up enough, the couple wanted to give birth to another child, and what was their surprise when it turned out that they were expecting triplets again.

They couldn’t believe what had happened!

The results of the ultrasound surprised not only the spouses, but all the medical staff.

 We were in seventh heaven! Amazing! We were even afraid to think it was possible. But when it all happened, we realized that God wanted it to be that way, “recalls the young mother. »

On the day of the first triplets’ seventh birthday celebration, the parents informed them that they would soon have new siblings, but introduced this news, keeping them guessing.

The mother asked them, “Well, can you guess what kind of surprise we prepared for you? »

The children started guessing and listed options ranging from a dog to a game console.

When the truth about the expected triplets was revealed to them, the children cried out in disappointment, “No! »

But a few months later, when the triplets met their youngest, the children’s hearts melted.

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