Pierre Perret pokes fun at the filth of Paris in his latest song, and the music video is a hit

Singer Pierre Perret is sick of the dirt in Paris and made it known in a song that makes fun of the capital in his new music video released on Friday March 17.

“ In Paris, disgusting Paris, only the rats are happy, they know that vegans here are not stupid, only feed them with organic food ”. Pierre Perret has lost none of his pen. In his last song, titled Paris saccagé , the interpreter of Jolies colonies de vacances openly criticizes the insalubrity of the French capital.

Garbage cans , rats , droppings, endless work, pollution, graffiti, ransacked Paris does not fail to hit all the negative aspects of the streets of the City of Light.

” The droppings that bloom on the sidewalks decorate this large dump ” or ” in Paris, winter and summer, we don’t touch dirt “, can we ironically hear in the song.

To accompany his remarks, the 88-year-old singer stages himself in an equally teasing clip. We see Pierre Perret taking a bike ride through Paris (on a green background) and encountering all the problems mentioned in his song. An unremarkable inventory of the world’s leading tourist destination.

Finally, the singer does not fail to launch a small spade at the town hall of Paris, to whom he reproaches the pitiful state of the capital: ” Poor Paris, which has become so cra-cra, We know who did that to you, It’s the sprightly piaf skulls, Which eat seeds at the town hall ”.

The clip of Paris ransacked has been viewed more than 500,000 times in two days and Pierre Perret fans seem to agree with the comments made in the song.

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