Declared dead, she wakes up in her coffin in the middle of her funeral

Stupor in Peru, where a woman declared dead woke up in the middle of her… funeral. Narrative.

It is a scene worthy of a nightmare!

On April 26, Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca, who died suddenly at the age of 36, nevertheless woke up in the middle of her funeral, celebrated in a church in Ferreñafe (Peru).

In the middle of her funeral, she wakes up in the coffin
As reported by our British colleagues from the Daily Mail , this woman had been the victim a few days earlier of a violent road accident, in which her brother-in-law had lost his life.

Seriously injured, Rosa had not survived!

At least we thought so, because in the middle of his funeral , his relatives who had come to pay him a last respects heard a noise coming from the coffin , as if someone or something was hitting the wall. And what they discovered amazed them!

The deceased was indeed very much alive when the cemetery guardian opened the coffin under the eyes of a dumbfounded audience.

“ She opened her eyes and was sweating. I rushed to my office to call the police , ”said the person concerned, still incredulous.

Rushed to the nearest hospital, Rosa initially seemed to regain her strength but was finally pronounced dead again, for good this time, much to the sadness of her relatives who now want to understand what happened. could well have happened.

“ We want to know why my niece reacted when we were about to bury her. We have the videos in which she pushes her coffin , ”said her aunt.

According to the first elements, the doctors would have confused his deep coma with a state of death, thus declaring the death. An investigation has been opened to determine whether the medical profession was guilty of negligence.

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