He discovers a kitten in bad shape and alone on the road, takes him in and then makes the most beautiful decision

Found alone on the street, a skinny, dirty and sick kitten has seen an incredible transformation thanks to the couple who made him the newest member of their family. The feline and its owners chose each other.

A couple fell in love with the stray kitten they had taken in, quickly realizing they were meant to be together. A story reported by Love Meow.

A comedian by trade, Tyler Wood was driving his car to a performance when he saw the silhouette of a little cat in the middle of the road. The young feline was alone and risked being knocked down at any moment. The man got out of his vehicle to take him to safety.

The kitten was very thin, dirty and hungry. Seeing him in such a sad state, Tyler Wood wrapped him in a blanket and took him home. In the meantime, he called his companion Erin Mac, who was away, to come and help take care of it.

“We called him Stinky Kevin because when Tyler found him he smelled terrible until he took a bath,” she said. He’s named after Kevin McCallister from ‘Mom I Missed the Plane’.”

Stinky Kevin did not wait long before showing his attachment to his benefactors. He very quickly began to purr and be affectionate. He was clearly relieved to finally be safe, surrounded by caring people and to have a full stomach.

The couple took him to the vet to have him checked out. In the waiting room, the kitten curled up in a ball and fell asleep on Tyler Wood’s lap. He and his girlfriend knew from then on that they would not part with it. Stinky Kevin himself seemed to have made up his mind.

In his new home, the kitten regained weight and energy visibly. He became even more tender and playful, including with people he did not know.

He made a habit of jumping on Tyler Wood and Erin Mac’s lap, sometimes even on their shoulders. He also follows them to the toilet, notes the comedian.

They never tire of the incessant meows and loving looks that Stinky Kevin gives them, as if to thank them for getting him off the streets and giving him a happy life.

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