He dies suddenly of a heart attack while… burying the woman he had just strangled

Once is not custom, today we are interested in a story that is both tragic and full of lessons, that of an assassin who seems to have been punished by something other than human justice, for evil that he caused.

Some will call it karma, others justice!

A murderer died of a heart attack in a garden while burying a woman he had strangled.

At least that’s what the sheriff and medical examiner of Edgefield County in South Carolina (USA) believe, who gave further details about this sordid affair, reports the Insider media.

He strangles a woman and dies of cardiac arrest as he buries the victim
According to the first information relayed, the police would have intervened on May 7 in a residence on Tanglewood Drive in Trenton, after having been warned of the presence of an “unconscious man lying in his garden “.

Once there, officers found the lifeless body of a 60-year-old Joseph McKinnon, who died in all likelihood of natural causes. Near his body was a freshly dug hole, inside which the police found a plastic bag in which was wrapped another corpse. This body has been identified as that of Patricia Dent, a 65-year-old woman, who apparently lived with the other deceased, but the police do not know for the moment the nature of their relationship.

Autopsy results, released Monday, May 9, revealed that Joseph McKinnon died of cardiac arrest and Patrica Dent’s death was the result of strangulation.

For the police, the course of the crime is beyond doubt!

“ Evidence collected at the scene, along with witness statements, helped investigators establish a timeline. Which leads us to believe that Mr. McKinnon attacked Mrs. Dent while the latter was inside the house , ”said the sheriff and the medical examiner.

“ Mr. McKinnon then tied her up and wrapped her in garbage bags before putting her in the pit dug beforehand (…) While filling the pit, Mr. McKinnon had a heart attack, which caused his death” , clarified the duo.

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