A veterinary assistant conducts a ritual full of tenderness towards animals who wake up after anesthesia (video)

It is completely normal for animals to be upset after anaesthesia. Some of them, however, are lucky to be in good hands as soon as they wake up: those of Alina Rojas, a kind-hearted veterinary assistant who lives in the United States.

Internet users were more than 19 million viewed the TikTok video of Alina Roja published on January 6th. This dedicated young veterinary assistant has become famous on the social network thanks to the love she shows towards animals, in particular those coming out of anaesthesia.

Many dogs find it difficult to regain their sense and sometimes show panic as soon as they wake up. To help them feel safe, Alina decided to give them special attention and pamper them like babies.

In her famous video, the Good Samaritan takes care of little Bell, a dog who came to her clinic for a dental operatio. She looks very scared and confused. Alina then does her best to stop the hairball’s cries and moans.

Bella is cradled like a baby by her benefactress, and eventually calms down after about thirty minutes. Alina does not let go of asoule, and makes sure that she has come to her senses before allowing him to leave the place.

The young woman is happy to provide all the necessary comfort to these animals, and they return it well. “ It’s the best form of therapy for me. I love my job ,” she told The Dodo .

Internet users have all been seduced by the sweetness of Alina. ” I hope my dog ​​will meet someone like you if he ever has to have surgery ,” read one of the comments.



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