Disappeared since February 13, her dog Shakira is found safe and sound

On February 13, Patricia made the horrible discovery that her dog Shakira had disappeared. A month later, she was finally found safe and sound.

Living alone but surrounded by her dogs, Patricia has a lot of love for her four-legged friends. So when one of them escaped, a world had collapsed for her.

Resident in Besançon, she usually goes to the laundromat once a week, as she does not have a washing machine at home. On February 13, when it was 18 degrees, she went there leaving her three dogs in the car, but leaving the window open, so as not to endanger them.

Except that Shakira, one of the three dogs , a Cavalier King Charles, takes the opportunity to go out the window and disappear. Patricia only realizes her absence later, when she goes to the bank, stopping at a red light.

A reward of 2000 euros to find Shakira
Since then, Patricia has done everything to find her beloved dog, by contacting associations and increasing calls on social networks. She was even ready to pay 2000 euros.

Indeed, she posted hundreds of posters in the city offering a reward to those who would bring Shakira back to her: “It’s a sum that corresponds to the price of a puppy. I will take out a loan if necessary, but I want her back and I would allow the people who took her in to buy themselves a puppy.”

Efforts that finally paid off because a month after her disappearance, and a pretty crazy week, Shakira was finally found. It was the police who found him in an apartment in Seine-Saint-Denis. According to them, the people who had taken in the dog tried to blackmail the owner and collect the reward.

Fortunately, Shakira is safe and sound and was able to find the arms of her owner, moved to tears during the reunion.

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