He spends 22,000 euros in veterinary fees to save his dog suffering from a serious illness

After his dog fell seriously ill, this man did not hesitate to pay 22,000 euros in veterinary fees to try to save her. Today, the animal returned home but is still under constant surveillance.

Jaxon Feeley is the owner of Rambo, a two-year-old little dog. Unfortunately, Rambo fell ill on January 20 and was immediately rushed to the vet.

The dog was in critical condition as he had gone into hypovolemic shock. He lost a lot of blood, which prevented his heart from working properly.

On top of that, Rambo suffered from gastroenteritis, which aggravated his rapidly deteriorating health condition. The dog began to vomit liquid which went back down to her lungs, causing severe pneumonia.

“The concern is that there is now a possibility that an abscess has formed on Rambo’s lung which would require major surgery to remove it ,” Jaxon explained. Veterinarians will have to wait a few days to assess whether or not Rambo is responding to treatment. The risk to his life is significant. I could never forgive myself if I can’t give her the best fighting chance to get through this horrible situation.”

He pays 22,000 euros in veterinary fees
To save the life of his dog, Jaxon did not hesitate to pay 22,000 euros in veterinary expenses . Today, he says he would sell his house if it could save his dog. Short of means, he appealed for help and created an online kitty to raise money and provide care for his animal.

“I’m writing this to ask for any little help you can provide to help me bring my little angel home ,” he wrote on the pot site. Rambo is only two years old, she is the most beautiful and magnificent little soul in the world. She loves nothing more than her big brother Rocky, she loves spending time with Grandpa and Grandma and getting warm at home while licking everyone’s face. She deserves a better life than what is happening to her.

Eventually, Rambo was able to return home, alongside her owner and the other dog she shares her home with. Although she has started to eat again, the path to complete treatment is still long and the dog is still under observation 24 hours a day.

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