On her wedding day, she surprises her future husband being… breastfed by his mother

In a British podcast that discusses the wedding industry, a wedding planner made a shocking revelation that left her interlocutor speechless.

In the “Unfiltered Bride” podcast, wedding planner Georgie Mitchell shares her expert advice, stories and gossip with her co-host Beth.

In the latest episode of the podcast (which is mostly gossip), Georgie Mitchell made a revelation which was then massively shared on social networks.

She said that the story she was about to reveal was told to her by one of her makeup artist colleagues whom she will call Jenny so that she remains anonymous.

“The groom was breastfed by his mother!”

The famous Jenny was one day present at a wedding making up the bride, when the latter had a pressing desire. ” The bride entered the toilet and what she saw was enough to end a marriage ,” says the wedding planner.

His interlocutor, Beth, then thinks that the groom was cheating on his future wife with another woman. Faced with the negative response from Georgie, Beth, eager to know more, then makes another suggestion: the husband was taking drugs before the ceremony. Again, the presenter’s guess was wrong.

Georgie insisted that it is “ much worse ” and finally revealed: “ He was breastfed by his mother! “. “ Excuse what? Why would you marry a man [who still sucks]? “asked the presenter.

The wedding planner tried to defend the bride by stating “ I don’t think she knew that was what was happening! “. However, Beth wondered ” why was the mother producing milk?” “. To which Georgie replied that she had been doing this for maybe a long time to get to this point.

Despite the startling revelations, Georgie said the bride didn’t cancel the ceremony. “ Everyone is waiting in the room! But you would certainly not kiss the groom… ”, she judged.

This anecdote then shared on TikTok , it was enough for Internet users to express their deep disgust. “ I thought, ‘nothing could be worse than being cheated on…’ Yeah, that’s worse. I would be a runaway bride in her place ,” one user wrote. ” Even the strongest man in the world couldn’t lift my jaw right now ,” joked another.

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