Woman gives birth to 13-pound baby nicknamed ‘Hercules’

She was expecting a baby, but not one this big. While Nicolina Newcombe realized the baby she was expecting was a little big and hitting hard, as her measurements weren’t out of the ordinary, neither she nor her doctors thought about it. .

Then the baby arrived. Named Tobias, at birth the baby weighed an incredible 13 pounds and 7 ounces. To put that number into perspective, a typical baby weighs 7-8 pounds at birth and doesn’t weigh Tobias’ weight until he is 6 months old. Tobias is so big that no newborn clothes fit him. What made Tobias’ weight even more surprising was that Nicolina is just under 5′ 9″ tall.

This makes her weight off the chart for a Nicolina woman’s height. What makes this story even more incredible is that Nicolina not only gave birth to Tobias naturally, but also without an epidural.

It happened when doctors induced labor when she was 42 weeks pregnant. You might think that the birth of Tobias was not easy for Nicolina, and you would be right. When he was born, his shoulder got stuck in his mother’s pelvis. Once the midwife realized this, she called a group of doctors, who had to help the midwife get Tobias out.

Nicolina says she’s glad the doctors didn’t realize how big Tobias was going to be, because she thinks they might not have let her give birth naturally if they had.

She also remarked that a lot of people thought she was going to have twins and said Tobias was really the size of two normal sized babies. The new mother also noted that when Tobias was born, all the staff could talk about his height. They even nicknamed him “Hercules”.

But that wasn’t Nicolina’s biggest concern. She was much more worried that he was healthy. Although one thing about Tobias’ height made Nicolina happy. She felt that her size at least justified the pain she felt during her pregnancy. She says she complained a lot during her pregnancy and now knows it wasn’t for nothing.

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