Dog Crawls Under Mechanic Dad’s Car To Give Him The Biggest Hug

There is something special about golden retrievers.

Their friendly and affectionate nature makes them pleasant to be around.
And when they smile, it melts your heart.

Some wonder if a golden retriever’s smile is a real smile or something they learn to imitate from humans they love.

Either way, it’s definitely some kind of form of communication. And adorable too.

A smiling pup is racking up some serious views for his video snuggling up with his mechanic dad.

We see the dog’s big old smiling face looking under a car where his dad works.

Dad is under the car with a screwdriver or some kind of car repair gun in his hand.
He is looking for the right place to start his work when his dog interrupts him.

That’s when the golden retriever dog decides it’s time for a kiss and leans towards dad and further under the car to give a good lick to the side of dad’s head.

Check out the adorable video below.

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